Articianzz Safety Incense Holder Brass Agarbatti Stand with Ash Catcher Set of 2, Puja Accessories & Puja Articles - 29 X 9 X 9 cm

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This Incenses stand is beautifully designed for your puja altar and made in heavy shining brass. This is artisan crafted and an expression of one's love and devotion for the gods. It can hold multiple sticks. Burning incense is an act of worship that uplifts the senses. To burn incense in a handsome stand gives spiritual feeling. Overview Images of fragrant smoke escaping from an incense stick and diffusing into the air bring back cherished memories of festivals spent with family and friends. In India, incense is an integral part of our lives. Most businesses open with the burning of a few of incense sticks, not only as an offering to God, but also to dispel the musty smell of a closed space! However, the ash which incense leaves behind is something all of us could do without. The Golden Brass Agarbatti Stand Holder is the solution to problems posed by incense burning. Material and Design This elegant agarbatti stand is fabricated from Golden Brass. Standing 7.5 inches tall, it has a cylindrical tower which fits over a base which not only holds the incense sticks upright, but also serves as an ash- bowl. The tower has symmetrical perforations arranged in the Moroccan style. Smoke gently curling out of the perforations is a delight to behold! Safety for the Little Hands Burning incense in a house full of children involves looking for a high shelf to keep it on, as children are invariably attracted to the little red glow at the end of the agarbatti. Using the Golden Brass agarbatti stand holder protects the little ones from the risk of burns caused by incense. Perfect for Homes and Offices This child safe agarbatti stand is perfect for use in both homes and offices. Its trendy design allows it to blend into an office space without appearing ungainly or out of place. Whether you like the smell of incense in your puja room, living room, or your bedroom, this agarbatti stand is just the thing for you!

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